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Taste the FRUIT, not the FISH!

We get it. We’ve heard the stories.

If you are familiar with fish oil, you probably have too!

Have the fishy tastes and aftertastes, burps, acid reflux, and many other aches and pains of taking fish oil turned you away from using Omega-3 supplements? Well, you’re in luck!

As the US division of Lysi, it is our company-wide goal to eliminate the negative stigmas surrounding fish oil once and for all! How do we do this, you ask? Let us explain…

Plenty of people we have talked to have a very similar story in common, where their parents/grandparents used to force feed them fish oil or, even better, liquid cod liver oil. The horror stories of gagging, burping, and spitting out these not-so-tasty oils have left many people questioning whether fish oil is even worth messing with.

Guess what? We don’t blame you! Health benefits aside, it can be very difficult to diligently use a health supplement which tastes awful, and causes you to burp it up and taste it all day long.

However, there’s good news! Lysi Omega-3 products are refined with YOU in mind, and we have perfected the process of eliminating fishy tastes and odors from our oils.

Lysi Omega-3 products are sustainably sourced, masterfully refined, and carefully bottled in Iceland. Our 5-step refining process and portfolio of natural flavoring options allows us to create a product which is fresh, potent, and tasty. Interested in our refining process? Click here. 

We believe that every American should have access to excellent Omega-3 products to meet their various needs. We also believe that this should be an enjoyable experience for our consumers, which drives us to be a leader in research and innovation within our industry.

As The World’s Leading Producer of Fish Oil, we consider it our responsibility to refine premium products which can fit into your healthy life seamlessly. We do this so that when you join our community of health enthusiasts, young professionals, soccer moms, and super seniors, you will always taste the FRUIT and not the FISH!


Thank you for reading! If you haven’t already, we would be honored for you to join our community and begin living your #lysilife. If you’d like to give us a try, use promo code “lysilife” to receive 20% off your first order. Once you try Lysi, you will taste the Icelandic difference!