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Iceland’s Secret Weapon

The Icelandic men‘s national football team grabbed the world‘s attention in 2017 when it became the smallest nation ever to qualify for a World Cup Tournament in Russia. Iceland‘s population size is the same as cities such as Anaheim, California, and Coventry in the United Kingdom, which makes the feat even more impressive. Our 338,349 people are far fewer than the population of most other countries competing but we‘ve produced a team of skilled players who‘ve shown remarkable strength and dexterity. The secret weapon? Well-trained players raised on Lýsi cod liver oil, playing together as a team!

Everyone gets a chance to play!

There are a number of secret weapons which Iceland has put to use for its footballing success. Some mention the high number of state-of-the-art indoor football halls along with excellent standards of coaches. For others, it‘s that due to the size of the nation, no aspiring young footballers are barred from training with clubs. The small group sizes also ensure that each and every player gets undivided attention from coaches. There are other secret weapons in play as well, as many from the Icelandic team have confessed their love for Lýsi to keep up their high level of play. Its benefits as a nutritional supplement for top-level athletes are countless, as Alfreð Finnbogason, striker for the national team, can confess.

The multilingual hitman

Alfreð takes Lýsi each and every day and has done so ever since he can remember. The striker currently plies his trade with the German Bundesliga outfit Augsburg, having previously banged in goals in Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, and Greece. He has kept up an impressive track record of picking up the language in every country he has stayed in, in a matter of months. Alfreð uses the Lýsi products to keep both mind and body sharp on the pitch, a must have for a sharpshooter whose team relies on his concentration and composure in front of the goal.

Fresh body, top performance

Alfreð has often praised the effects Lýsi has on his performances. Lýsi is an important source of omega-3 fatty acids, such as DHA and EPA. Our body does not naturally produce them, but DHA is necessary for a healthy vision, along with brain and heart function, while EPA is necessary for regular heart function – which allows Alfreð to play at full intensity for 90 minutes. The acids help keep cholesterol levels low while preventing fat storage and speeding muscle recovery – a must for top athletes such as Alfreð.

Vitamins all around

The Lýsi cod Liver oil has copious amounts of vitamins A and D which ensures a healthy vision, fostering immune function and is necessary for healthy teeth and bone development – all vitally important for growing football players. Along with all of this, Lýsi cod liver oil is full of essential omega-3 fatty acids; EPA and DHA witch play an important role in heart and brain health and overall well-being.

All packed and ready

Alfreð will need to be in top physical form in Russia this summer. „I have been training every single day since I can remember. Always competing, always proving myself. It is not supposed to be easy – but now it‘s all worth it. The chance is now and I am going to grab it“. Alfreð‘s all geared up for the World Cup, and every kid in Iceland is hoping that their role model will take his goalscoring shoes with him to Russia. One thing is certain – Lýsi will be the first thing he packs.