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Expo East Tasted the Icelandic Difference!

The title is NOT clickbait! The results are in, and they are quite interesting!

Natural Products Expo East took place on September 13-15 in the Baltimore Convention Center. With thousands of booth exhibitors and attendees, it is one of the largest natural product expos in the country. Our team was very grateful for the opportunity to showcase our premium Icelandic products at the show, and we were SO PUMPED to see the reactions of those trying our fish oils for the first time!

You get the drift- “liquid fish oil” doesn’t sound like the most appetizing health supplement, now does it? The negative connotations surrounding liquid Omega-3s cover many generations of people who have had not-so-great experiences as they try to make the best decisions for their personal health. Regardless of how great the benefits of fish oil are, it can be almost counterproductive if you are tasting/burping fish all day.

At our booth, we were overwhelmed to see those negative connotations change. It was awesome- simple as that! Once we convinced the questioning booth visitors to try our premium products, we watched person after person have their preconceived notions blown away.

“Wow, it really doesn’t taste like fish.”

“Are you sure fish is in this?”

“I really don’t understand how you’ve made fish oil taste this good.”

“This tastes like an oily lemon… no bad aftertaste at all.”

These are just a few examples of the comments we received over the 3 days at our booth. It was SO COOL to see many of these people enjoy their Omega-3 experience for the first time! In order to put substance behind these comments, we offered the option for our newly-made friends to take a brief survey describing their thoughts on our products.

Out of those surveyed, 91% said that Lysi was the best fish oil they had ever tasted! 

That’s not 52%, 65%, or even 80%……. thats 91%! 9/10 people (most of which are currently in the natural products industry) said that Lysi tasted the best- the numbers don’t lie!

Obviously, this confirmed what we already thought to be true. However, it was so amazing to see how many people truly enjoyed our fish oil. Since 1938, Lysi has been on a mission to provide a way for people to seamlessly safeguard their lives and the lives of their families by adopting Icelandic healthy living practices. It was awesome to see this mission come full circle- from Iceland, to 70+ countries, to finally entering the US market- and see the hard work of many people before us to finally have that moment!

So, what’s next?

We are working diligently to make our products more widely available for US consumers. We are in the process of bringing our next 3 products to the US, and are in the beginning stages of getting these products on the shelves of some very familiar, nationwide retailers. Unfortunately, that’s all we can say about that at the moment :). We will have more information for you very soon!

In the meantime, thank you to those who have supported us in the first few months of being in the US! Our thoughts were confirmed at Expo East that many of you are looking for an Omega-3 product that combines sustainability, purity, potency, and taste. Our new friends at Expo East found what they were looking for at Booth #4904, and we will be working day and night until all Americans have the opportunity to Taste the Icelandic Difference!