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Cod Liver Oil: Natural Therapy to Treat Arthritis

Cod liver oil for arthritis has been used for many years. In the 1800s, it was used in hospitals and healthcare facilities for treating joint problems. But even though it was endorsed by many physicians and was sponsored by the government, cod liver oil lost its popularity due to its infamous smell and taste.

Luckily, it’s back in the limelight. Manufacturers like Lysi found ways to make it better, creating better refinement methods and adding natural flavors to make people appreciate the many benefits of taking a daily dose of cod liver oil for arthritis.

Repair arthritic joints

Cod liver oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids like DHA and EPA. Both of these acids have excellent anti-inflammatory properties that are very effective in reducing swelling and pain. This explains why taking cod liver oil supplements regularly can halt the inflammation and destruction of the joint cartilage, a common symptom of arthritis.

Many studies prove cod liver oil's effectiveness. One researcher found that most people who took a 1-gram capsule of cod liver oil every day in a span of three months noticed reduced symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Their morning stiffness, pain, and swelling subsided. In another study, 39% of respondents decided to reduce their use of anti-inflammatory medications after seeing the promising results of cod liver oil for arthritis.

Lubricating healthy joints

Aside from the powerful repairing capabilities of cod liver for arthritis, it also has an amazing ability to keep healthy joints by lubricating them. It can be a good preventive measure and a way to maintain your body's optimum functions. If you fear that you will develop joint pain when you get older, it may be best to start taking cod liver oil now. After all, this oil will also benefit your health in many other ways—not just in preventing arthritis.