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Cod Liver Oil: A Great Source of Antioxidants

Curious why people are buying cod liver oil? This supplement has become very popular with health enthusiasts in the recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Cod liver oil offers numerous benefits that have been proven by science. In fact, it has been used for hundreds of years in for various benefits. 

One of the most remarkable things about cod liver oil omega-3 supplements is the richness of its antioxidants, specifically vitamins A, D, and E. How will these antioxidants benefit your body?

Vitamin A (beta carotene)

Cod liver oil omega-3 is not only rich in DHA and EPA but also in carotenoids, which helps produce vitamin A or beta carotene. This antioxidant protects you from free radicals, promotes clearer and better eyesight, as well as facilitates faster wound healing. Moreover, vitamin A improves cell growth and keeps your heart, kidneys, lungs, and other organs healthy.

Vitamin D (cholecalciferol)

According to researchers, cholecalciferol or vitamin D3 is good for the brain. In different studies, cod liver oil was found to be effective in enhancing different cognitive functions and to be essential in maintaining brain performance towards old age. This antioxidant may also reduce the risk of developing various diseases like multiple sclerosis, heart problems, and flu. Some researchers also claim that it may regulate mood and prevent depression.

Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol)

Alpha-tocopherol is a fat-soluble vitamin that is known for protecting cells from the damage that free radicals bring. But aside from minimizing wrinkles and healing scars, vitamin E also has an important role to play for maintaining a healthy immune system. It contributes to your body's capability to fight and kill germs and cancerous cells by promoting cell growth.