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Cod Liver Oil

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Omega-3 Oil

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Junior Fish Oil

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Our Pioneering  Process

At the heart of what we do is the fish oil production process. This unique process, using steam was first introduced by the Olafsson brothers in the 1940s and laid the foundation for the highly specialized production process we see today. Our high-tech processing plants are equipped with specialized production units that facilitate different stages of this process including:

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Lysi Life
  • Lysi Life


    The oil is neutralised by removing free fatty acids

  • Lysi Life


    Pigments and contaminants are removed by the use of adsorbents

  • Lysi Life


    High melting triglycerides are removed by cooling the oil and filtering

  • Lysi Life


    Volatile components are removed with steam injection under vacuum and high temperature conditions.

  • Lysi Life


    The oil is stripped of contaminants by distillation under ultra high vacuum and elevated temperature.

  • Lysi-Life
  • Lysi-Life
  • Lysi-Life
  • Lysi-Life


Sustainably sourced and thoughtfully harvested.

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we consider it our responsibility to adhere to the strictest international standards for sustainability and quality.

  • sustainable fisheries
  • renewable energy
  • effective waste management
  • maximized raw material use